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I am a skilled MSD CRM Developer with a strong background in developing plugins, actions, workflows, and web resources. I possess extensive expertise in customizing and configuring CRM systems based on specific requirements. With my proficiency in Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power Pages, I bring a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft's Power Platform ecosystem to the table. Additionally, I have gained valuable experience in Azure, further enhancing my capabilities as a CRM developer. Currently working with Lenovo, I am dedicated to delivering efficient and tailored solutions that optimize CRM functionality and improve business processes.


Software developer 1

I am working with Lenovo since June 6-2019.

Company 1

Jun 1, 2019


Jan 1, 1970

3 year 3 months 15 days



Project 1

.Over 4+ years of experience in implementing, configuring, and
customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Proficient in leveraging the
platform to improve business processes, with a specific focus on the
service module.
Experienced in analyzing and understanding business requirements
and processes. Leveraged the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics
CRM to streamline operations and enhance efficiency.
Developed and customized various functionalities in the service
module to meet unique business needs. This includes creating
custom entities, workflows, and plugins.
Adept at diagnosing and fixing bugs within the Microsoft Dynamics

Software developer and technical Developer

Jun 6, 2019


Jan 1, 1970

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