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Dynamics AX/F&O-Techno Functional Consultant









Hourly Rate

Industry -

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Skills & Expertise

Azure SQL Server integration services Power BI Coding AX Power Apps

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With a decade of expertise, I am a results oriented D365 Finance and Operations Technical Architect proficient in
Microsoft Dynamics AX/365, cloud computing, and the Power Platform. Experience in finance, supply chain, projects, retail, warehouse management, AR, AP, bank management and DIXF. Technical experience includes migration of AX 2012 R2/R3 to D365FO, integrations, inbound/outbound web services, batch jobs, security, installation, configuration, SSRS reports, SQL Server, performance, ERP maintenance and code promotion.


Project 5

MS D365FO Technical Consultant

Nov 1, 2020


Jun 14, 2021

Emicool District Cooling, a leader in centralizing cooling energy production, underwent a migration from AX 2012 to D365FO, where I played a pivotal role. Responsibilities included:
- Conducting LCS code and database migration for a seamless transition and optimal performance.
- Addressing code issues systematically, enhancing structure through organized extensions.
- Developing and optimizing document printing processes and reports via batch jobs for efficiency.
- Customizing existing forms and reports, creating new ones aligned with business processes.
- Integrating D365FO with kiosk machines via custom services, streamlining customer payment processes.
- Collaborating with stakeholders to ensure customizations met business needs.
- Leveraging query capabilities for optimized data retrieval.
- Developing data entities for importing/exporting data and generating custom barcodes for fixed assets via laser printers.

Project 4

Sr. MS D365FO Technical Consultant

Jun 15, 2020


Oct 31, 2020

CXG, a global Customer Experience Consulting and Services firm for premium and luxury brands with over 20 legal entities worldwide.
- Customized budgeting for Purchase Requisition, enabling seamless updates from Sales & Purchase Header to Line.
- Implemented functionality for Packing Slip Wise Charge Posting and auto-filled Ledger Account on the Item Master.
- Customized Trade & Agreement processes to align with premium brand requirements.
- Developed solutions for Supplementary Purchase and Sales processes, ensuring tailored transactions.
- Orchestrated Header to Line updates for Item Sales Tax, enhancing financial accuracy.
- Designed advanced bank reconciliation customizations, capturing data from 15 bank statements via emails.
- Collaborated with stakeholders, customized forms, and reports for a user-friendly experience.
- Applied various methods, built-in functions, utilized query capabilities, and managed different modules in a DevOps environment.

Project 3

Sr. MS D365 FO Technical Consultant

Feb 1, 2020


Jun 15, 2020

- Led seamless transition from AX 2012 R2 to R3, then to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (D365FO) after a year.
- Managed migration of 300+ staff, independently handling R2 to R3 shift and collaborating for D365FO transition.
- Oversaw in-place migration execution, conducted comprehensive pre-migration assessments, and executed meticulous system backups.
- Established a new environment for AX 2012 R3, ensuring compliance with system requirements.
- Utilized Dynamics AX Code and Data Upgrade utilities for custom code and data upgrades, resolving identified issues.
- Configured LCS for migration and employed LCS tool for module export from AX 2012 R3 to D365FO.
- Maintained DevOps release branches, following Microsoft best practices for efficient collaboration.
- Customized Forms, Classes, and Tables using the extension approach for a flexible system.
- Prepared detailed Technical Design documents for development guidance.

Project 2

MS D365FO Technical Architect

Jun 14, 2021


Aug 31, 2022

- Implementing Dynamics 365 modules for Jumbo Enterprise, Distribution, Logistics, Force, Serve, and Omnichannel divisions.
- Managed Lifecycle Services (LCS) and DevOps, overseeing environment configuration and ensuring seamless transitions.
- Orchestrated integrations with D365CE, Oracle POS, Du POS, Magento, ENBD, and WMS for a connected ecosystem.
- Developed 100+ multi-threading batch jobs to optimize system efficiency.
- Implemented D365FO integrations using Dual write, custom services, Batch data API, Azure service bus, and Power Automate.
- Conducted system performance maintenance, analyzing queries for optimal performance.
- Led discussions, assigned tasks, and customized system architecture using extension approach.
- Prepared detailed Technical Design documents for development team guidance.
- Tracked development activities for project alignment.

Project 1

MS D365FO Technical Architect

Sep 1, 2022


Dec 1, 2023

- Implemented Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (D365 F&O), CRM for ADT
- Focused on Finance, SCM, Project Management, and Asset Management modules
- Managed Lifecycle Services (LCS) and DevOps for seamless transitions and continuous integration
- Executed data migration strategy from Legacy systems (Maximo and N4) to D365 FinOps via Azure Synapse
- Established a robust Azure Synapse data warehouse, aggregating data from various systems
- Developed Power BI reports integrated with Azure Synapse for real-time reporting
- Customized Forms, Classes, and Tables using the extension approach for flexibility
- Engineered payment integration with ADCB bank via Host-2-host, streamlining payment processes
- Led discussions, prepared Technical Design documents, and tracked development activities
- Ensured project alignment and delivery of technical team tasks.



MS D365FO/AX Technical Architect

Company 6

Jun 1, 2021



2 year, 11 months

• Design and implement technical architectures for D365FO solutions, including analyzing and assessing business requirements, defining technical specifications, and architecting scalable and reliable solutions.
• Manage D365FO implementation projects, including defining project scope, developing timelines, allocating resources, and overseeing project delivery.
• Communicate complex technical concepts to stakeholders at all levels of the organization, including business analysts, developers, and QA testers.
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure successful project delivery.
• Develop and maintain technical documentation, including design specifications, technical procedures, and user manuals.
• Participate in code reviews and provide technical guidance to developers.

MS D365/AX Technical Consultant

Company 5

Jan 1, 2020


Jun 1, 2021

1 year, 5 months

Implemented end-to-end numerous implementations and support concurrently multiple clients on D365F&O and AX 2012 R2/R3

• Partnered with customers to understand business needs and advise on best-fit options.
• Led team to plan, design, and development of ISVs
• Oversaw programming and quality assurance functions for ISV development team.
• Develop data architecture design to facilitate targeted customer analysis.
• Customize Dynamics 365 F&O solution via X++.
• Technical architecture and design documentation SSD & TDD
• Collaborated with other developers to identify and alleviate software bugs.
• Checked software for errors and coded updates to fix problems.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Consultant

Company 4

Jun 1, 2016


Dec 1, 2019

3 year, 6 months

Worked as a Techno-Functional consultant for Dynamics AX 2012 and completed multiple end-to-end projects through all phases. Implemented numbers of projects on AX 2012 R2/R3 and as well as on .Net with responsibilities as follows:

• Installation & configuration of environments
• Perform customization of application
• Creation of SSRS reports using Visual Studio 2010/2013
• Provide stable and expandable solutions.
• Create/Customize Tables, Forms, Workflows, Run base framework & reports.
• Investigated software requirements and potential constraints to develop technically feasible designs.

Software Engineer

Company 3

Dec 1, 2015


Jun 1, 2016

6 months

It was great experience to work on Live Chat application. WGCS application bridges gap between businesses and their website visitors. The application handles real-time online customer support:

• Development of WPF/C# apps with primary focus on UX/UI side, Client-Server integration with Signal-R Hub
• POCO View-Model, MVVM light, multi-Threading
• Visual Studio 2013-2015, Dev Express, Version control
• Ensure quality that can be easily translated into technical design
• Driving successful solution deployments by ensuring proper business value and customer/partner satisfaction

Junior Computer Programmer

Company 2

Oct 1, 2015


Dec 1, 2015

2 months

It was short-term job and I worked on Reports and student admission process. I was part of team that developed and maintained core functionality of Online admission application as well as Result Cards.

• Development of web and desktop app with a primary focus on business & data layer.
• Develop web APIs to integrate with smart devices.
• Perform Normalization on database which contain more than 2000+ tables.
• Crystal Reports move from VB6 to C#.
• Created scripts and processes for data integration and maintenance.

Software Engineer

Company 1

Dec 1, 2014


Oct 1, 2015

10 months

It was a part-time job to build Vertical for Etihad traders to fulfill the business needs and requirements.

• Development of Etihad Traders ERP in WPF
• Metro UI, Single Page Application and implement Dev Express POCO MVVM Model
• WCF, PLINQ, LINQ Instant Feedback, Parallel Memory
• Performance improvement and memory usage investigation and management
• Wrote clean, clear, and well-tested code for various projects.

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