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As a Business Central Technical Consultant and Developer with responsibilities typically involve working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a comprehensive business management solution. along with my role revolves around configuring, customizing, and developing the system to meet the specific needs of clients and our organizations. Here are some typical job responsibilities for Business Central Technical Consultants and Developers on which I am working:

Requirement Gathering: Interacting with clients or business stakeholders to understand their business processes, requirements, and objectives.
Solution Design: Translating the gathered requirements into a comprehensive solution design. This includes defining the system architecture, modules, integrations, data migration strategies, and customizations needed.
Configuration and Customization: Implementing and configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bu


Project 2

Senior software Engineer

Apr 30, 2022


Nov 30, 2022

The system is implemented for a retail, warehouse & distribution company based in Dorset,
specializing in the sale of cookware and other household products. They sell via a retail store,
as well online marketplaces including their own website, Amazon, EBay, and On Buy. The
platform uses Microsoft Dynamics Business Central in the cloud to replace Access
Dimensions, which entails a range of integration to the various marketplaces & associated
payment gateways.

Project 1

Software developer

Apr 1, 2022


Jul 31, 2022

C/AL, Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central
Responsible for interacting with client, analysis the project requirement and develop the
project and deliver all the modules within targeted deadline.
Project Synopsis: Reservation Specification: The system automates the reservation process for sales orders via
a set of rules along with it provide a screen that allows users to filter sales orders and
allocate available inventory to orders where no reservations are currently in place.
Additionally, an option should be provided for removing allocations if they exist.
Reverse Shipment: Implement an extension for reverse posted shipment into the process
that the user can activate Automate the process of creation of dummy invoice and create
correction credit memo and then revert all calculation for particular sales order and create
new sales order for posted shipment document.



Senior software Engineer

Company 1

Jun 1, 2021



2 year, 11 months

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