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Dynamics NAV/BC-Technical Consultant









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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Skills & Expertise

Business Central NAV - Navision

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Dynamics Nav /Business Central Technical Consultant.
Development in Forms, Reports.
Upgrade from Nav to Business central.
Integration Application (PowerApps, Automate)
Supporting (Bug fix, Full C


Project 4

Business Central Technical

Apr 1, 2022


Dec 8, 2023

Lian Seng Hin is one of the leading tile supplier in Singapore. Through years of sourcing round the globe, LSH has acquired a reputation of being stringent in quality and at the same time, attuned to price sensitivity
My Role and responsible:
Business Central /Nav Technical Consultant.
Developing (All Sales and Purchase Reports and forms)
Support (Error Fixing, Performance Tuning)

Project 3

Business Central Technical

Mar 1, 2022


Nov 30, 2023

Mobydick is the business of Ship Supplies and being Singapore Sole Distributor & Stockist for environmentally friendly product.
My Roles & Responsibility:
Business Central Technical Consultant.
Developing Reports and Forms.
Support (Error Fixing, Customization)

Project 2

Business Central Technical

Nov 15, 2022



Cloud4SA is a team of technology experts and industry leaders established in 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa.
My Roles & Responsible:
Developing (Forms, Reports)
Integration (PowerApps, Automate)
Supporting (Customization, Error Fixing)

Project 1

Software engineer

Mar 1, 2022



Gokaldas is manufactures and exports apparel to more than 50 countries and has an annual turnover of $250 million.
My Roles & Responsible:
Developing (Reports, Forms)
Upgrading from Nav to BC
Supporting (Error fixing)



Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC 365 Technical

Company 4

Feb 1, 2022



2 year, 3 months

? Development, enhancement and customization of the application based on Client’s Requirements.
? Upgrade Navision Software.
? Involved in tracking Error when Compile or Run an Object.
? Automated mail triggering using NAS.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV / BC 365 Technical

Company 3

Aug 1, 2018


Jan 1, 2022

3 year, 5 months

? Four and half year of experience in understanding the requirement of client. Then organizing & mapping of the process in Navision Software.
? Create new Tables, Design Pages and Reports as per requirement.
? Modify existing objects for flow business process.
? Write C/AL Code in different objects for project requirement.

Dot Net Developer

Company 2

Apr 1, 2014


May 1, 2015

1 year, 1 month


EDP Programmer

Company 1

Jul 1, 2014


May 1, 2015

10 months


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