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Dynamics NAV/BC-Technical Consultant









Hourly Rate

Industry -

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Skills & Expertise

Coding Business Central NAV - Navision

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Project 5

Technical Consultant

Mar 1, 2022


Jun 30, 2022

- CMMS helps asset-intensive organizations digitally plan,track,measure and optimize all
maintenance activities.
- Created all objects from scratch from the design given by functional consultant.
- Worked with functional consultant to understand the project requirements and created functionality
according to it.

Project 4

Technical Consultant

Jul 1, 2021


Oct 1, 2021

- QC is the set of measure and procedures to follow in order to ensure that the quality of product is
maintained and improved against a set of benchmarks that any errors encountered are either
eliminated or reduced.
- Created quality order module for production order in business central.

Project 3

Technical Consultant

Apr 1, 2021


Jun 30, 2021

- Item configurator provides you custom codes to each item based on some
logic or algorithm.
- Convert all NAV objects to AL.
- Made changes in existing module to make it a better version with the help of functional consultant.

Project 2

Technical Consultant

Dec 1, 2021


Apr 1, 2022

- The ECN is created in the system when a customer requests a change after the production order has
been executed. This will help organizations to avoid abnormal losses of the charges before it can be
- Converted NAV objects to AL.
- Worked with functional consultants to develop new functionality and changes in existing project.

Project 1

Technical Consultant

Nov 1, 2020


Nov 1, 2021

- Worked as a Navision Technical Developer and Business Central Developer.
- Developed customised functionalities as per client requirement.
- Developed Word Reports and RDL Reports as per client requirements.



Technical Consultant

Company 1

Aug 1, 2020


Mar 1, 2023

2 year, 7 months

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