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Unlock Your Microsoft Dynamics Career Potential

Live D365: Pioneering Project Opportunities, Support, and Growth for Your Microsoft Dynamics Career Success.

Talent Marketplace

1. Create a profile

Highlight your skills and experience, show your portfolio, and set your ideal pay rate.

2. Search for job

Search on our portal for the hourly  work you’re looking for.

3. Find your Fit

Apply for the project that matches and fits your profile.

4. Get contract

If the client likes your proposal they’ll send you a contract to begin working.

5. Complete the work

Check steps off as you finish and work with your client if you have questions.

6. Get paid securely

Once the client approves your work, you'll get paid and they can leave you feedback.

Like-minded professionals

Thanks to Live D365, I've grown my network, portfolio, and career success. A must for anyone in the Dynamics field!

Live D365 is my go-to platform for finding meaningful work. Highly effective and efficient!

Live D365 isn't just about jobs, it's about building relationships. The support and guidance I've received have been invaluable on my career journey.

I was skeptical at first, but Live D365 exceeded my expectations. It has become so easy for me to look to projects now.

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