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What is Live D365?

An online platform exclusive for hiring Microsoft Dynamics Resources, enabling companies to easily hire quality resources in an agile manner. The platform – LIVE D 365 brings Microsoft Dynamics Partners/ Companies and Professionals together to one platform to hire or apply for Microsoft Dynamics projects and jobs.

How different are you from other hiring platforms or freelancers platform?

We are a platform that offers hiring for projects exclusive to Microsoft Dynamics and qualify professionals using human intervention, where scanning, recruiting and analyzing resource capabilities are of utmost importance. We are utilizing humans for human resourcing.

What are your criteria for choosing freelancers?

There are several crucial conditions:

You can work 20 hours a week. You are fluent in English and can have written communication in it. You have enough experience as per the requirement of the client. We usually work with freelancers with developers who have experience with Microsoft Dynamics or Microsoft Products.

Can I hire locally located resources in my country?

Yes, we understand that you need people locally located, then you can specify the same during the requirement gathering, and we can help you find the resources that are locally located.

What does your technical interview look like?

This will be a one – on – one interview experience. Experienced Consultants will conduct technical interviews. Usually, it takes about an hour. It consists of theoretical questions and a couple of practical tasks, this interview is general and is necessary before we find a project for you. We will interview also you on the technical skills and soft skills and communication culture. The interview feedback will be passed to the recruiter before the recruiter (Client) interviews you. And result of the same will be informed as and when you are selected for a particular project.

Are you tracking time on the project?

No, currently we are not tracking time because we feel punctuality and accountability is a responsibility a human should have towards themselves. We have the Propeller in order to motivate and track a professional/ resources progress. You can speak to us to learn more about it.

Does the client or the recruiter get to see my profile on your platform or anywhere else?

No, we curate and match resources with our client as per the skills required and type of project. Our consultants will be scheduling a call between you and client, and you will know which client has chosen you for which project or kind of project.

Is there a time constraint or work shifts?

There are no strict frameworks, you can choose a suitable time to work. All you need to is be available for calls and meetings as and when client prefers especially for those countries where your time zone is different.

How do I get paid?

We multiply number of hours you logged by your rate and pay you at the end of each month. The payment cycle will be between 28th - 1st of every month with no commissions on our side.

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