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Your interview guide to hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Professionals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365
Guide to Hire Microsoft Dynamics 365 Professional

A well-conducted interview requires a combination of art and science. There is no right or wrong way as it is primarily led by intuition and managers bring in their personality into every interview. Most managers take professional training before starting work in management positions, but interviewing is rarely covered.

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is a cloud-based suite of business applications that includes CRM and ERP features as well as productivity apps and AI-powered analytical capabilities. Ever since its launch in 2016, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developers are in high demand, which is strong evidence of the Microsoft Dynamics development's popularity.

Let us take a look at some of the things you need to know before you hire a Microsoft Dynamics 365 developer. From a step-by-step search plan to interviewing a developer, we will provide a detailed procedure in this blog.

Determine your key needs:

To get started on the process of hiring a remote Dynamics NAV Developer, you must first determine what you want to accomplish. You need to have a clear idea of the functionality of MS Dynamics that you require before you can hire a developer, whether it be to customize MS Dynamics, upgrade platforms, or correct bugs. Upgrades to existing systems, integrations with third-party systems, change requests, testing, and a number of other procedures are among the most frequently requested Microsoft Dynamics development features.

Review Credentials and Applications:

A well-written job description is the first step in the process of assessing resumes, cover letters, applications, and letters of application. As part of your recruitment strategy, you created a bulleted list of the top qualities you are looking for in a candidate. Verify that all applicants possess the following knowledge, abilities, and experience. When doing an interview for a new job, you should focus on talking to the most qualified individuals. And that is a worthwhile pursuit.

Select the candidate as per your need

It is crucial to hire the appropriate level of experts for Dynamics development to maximize productivity and minimize expenses. Developers at the top of the stack, command premium rates. In a shorter amount of time, they are able to produce better results. Mid-career Dynamics 365 developers, on the other hand, have solid experience and can keep prices low. However, junior developers excel at less complex assignments. Selections must be made in accordance with the expertise demanded by the task at hand.

Do not forget to PRE-SCREEN

Pre-screening applicants before conducting interviews and making hiring decisions is essential for a number of reasons. A pre-screening interview will reveal whether or not a candidate's stated skills and experience are a good fit for the position.

Another benefit of doing a preliminary interview is learning whether or not the candidate's wage expectations are realistic. A competent phone interviewer can also learn whether or not a candidate will be a good fit for your company's culture.

A thorough Background check:

When recruiting a new employee, conducting thorough background checks is one of the most crucial tasks that must be taken. You have a responsibility to make certain that your candidate genuinely possesses all of the exemplary qualifications, skills, and experience that have been offered.

Interview the Developer

You must review the developer's previous work before setting up an interview. You can narrow down the pool of qualified developers by creating a list of questions to ask during the interview process. Some of the commonly asked questions to the candidates are:

  • The qualification of the candidate and their previous work experience

  • Technical questions about MS Dynamics 365 to see how well versed the candidate is about the software

  • Their comfort to work in different time zones

  • The functional areas the Microsoft Dynamics 365 professional is most skilled in and how they integrated that skill into other areas

Interviewing potential candidates for a position is an important step in the hiring process. The primary instrument that is utilized by companies in the selection process is the job interview. The questions that are asked during the job interview are an essential component in maximizing the effectiveness of the interview to assist you in making the best possible hiring decision.


Employers face a constant uphill battle in their search for qualified candidates. With LiveD365's talent pool of MS Dynamics 365 experts, it's easier than ever to hire the kind of expert programmers that can boost your company's success. To find the right talent reach out to us:


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