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6 Things Your Boss Expects You to Know About Hiring Dynamics Developers

It is not easy to be a hiring manager responsible for recruiting Dynamics developers. Dynamics professionals are in high demand, yet qualified quality resources that match your requirements are exceedingly hard to find. Your boss is probably going to hold you responsible if the individual you recruit isn't up to the task.

On top of that technical recruitment comes with a slew of challenges. Hiring executives must identify prospects, sift through lengthy, acronym-heavy resumes in order to extract relevant information, and comprehend what may sound like a foreign language during interviews. What are the options for a recruiter?

In a nutshell, Microsoft Dynamics recruitment necessitates the involvement of both human resources professionals and technology experts. Dynamics developers work with a wide range of stacks; with diverse combinations of skillsets, it is hard to label them in categories. Dynamics 365 developers could specialize in older technologies like NAV and AX to the cutting edge of automation with new modules like Customer Service and Business Central.

Therefore, in order to be a pro at hiring dynamics resources and not tick-off your boss, here is a 6 points guideline to find, evaluate and hire the best Dynamics 365 candidate.

1. Don’t Move Ahead Without a Human Resourcing Plan

Many companies just hire people and get going, believing that planning would slow things down and they will manage things as they come. However, having a defined set of principles to follow simplifies and reduces the stress associated with the recruiting and training procedures. Hiring for Dynamics developers might be time-consuming and complex, it is advisable to take time and have a clear strategy.

You can create a human resourcing plan by addressing these 3 questions:

  1. What type of employees do you want on your staff?

  2. What are your financial resources?

  3. How will the hiring procedure be conducted?

2. Build the Right Foundation – Team Structure

Once you are done with creating a human resourcing plan, you may have a precise idea of what tasks you want to accomplish. Based on this, determine how many resources and what type of people you need. When a new Dynamics projects comes in you will need resources accordingly, which needs to be assessed for each project. HR's objective is to find the right resource, maximize the capabilities and time of all resources, which necessitates the most efficient structuring. Instead of hiring first and then trying to fit the pieces of the puzzle together, create a team structure before you hire, to fill in positions as per your needs.

Example of a Good Team Structure

Even though management gurus have been saying for years to have a clear hierarchy and reporting structure, many companies get caught up in the operations and in effect create a complex reporting/co-ordination system. An active intervention from the management is always required to control this. All of this can be minimized by proactively addressing it with a structured hiring process.

3. Matching - Experience, Skills with Requirement

Every company is running of a budget, so it is understandable that when hiring developers pricing matters. But this could lead you into a trap of hiring inexperienced developers because you could hire a bunch of them for the price of one experienced techie. Some companies make the mistake of hiring inexperienced developers, assuming they will encourage personnel to learn on the job. But this often becomes counterproductive. Company’s top talent ends up spending too much time managing the tasks and making up for the rookies.

Experience scale for Dynamics Developers shown in the image below, can be used to make the right call based on the requirement and structure you create for the tech team. Levels of Dynamics Developers

Using this criterion, you may want to keep in mind that years of experience do not always equate to qualified individuals. While some of the most talented applicants have less experience yet thrive at their jobs, others have years of experience but perform poorly. You may evaluate this during the screening process with strategic questions and assignments.

4. JD from Heaven

Job Description (JD) is your first chance to make a good impression. Your JD can say a lot about the company and to recruit the best talent you will need to present an organized front. According to Indeed poll, 52% of job seekers said a JD’s quality is very influential on their decision to apply for a position. So, here are the cardinal characteristics of a good JD: 1. Company summary – Knowing a little about your organization may assist the candidate to recognize the opportunity. Mention your company's recent growth, for example. 2. Clear design, no clutter – Many firms rush out a text-heavy, unformatted JD, borrowed from elsewhere. Take the effort to establish a clear layout that is easy to read, like the sample JD shown below.

3. Requirements on top - Despite the good design in the above image the minimum experience requirement is in the bottom. The most important information should be at the top. 4. All over the place - Stuffing JDs with everything you can think of makes it ineffective, since the critical information is lost in the jumble. Identify and mention Key Result Areas (KRA) that you are looking for. Pro Tip: Many Dynamics firms feel compelled to list all available technological platforms/tools in the JD. However, applicants frequently fabricate information while applying. Generally, you may detect this during the interview process or shortly after they are employed. Rather than that, it is preferable to enquire about the candidate's familiarity with technology throughout the screening process. Additionally, they should indicate their level of skill using a scale ranging from beginner to advanced.

5. Candidate’s Experience Matters!

Just like hiring managers judge a resume, candidates look at the tiniest of details while evaluating your company. Job seekers nowadays have higher expectations and make decisions based on a variety of criteria, including the impression you make during the recruiting process. Keep your social media updated, have good employee reviews on websites like Glassdoor, write interesting blogs, actively participate with the Dynamics community online. In order to attract the top Dynamics talent, you need to take steps like these to make sure your company is perceived as an exciting/ trustworthy workplace.

6. Screening - Hire a Technical Recruiter

The tech industry requires an update in the screening process. Interview questions such as “What do you consider to be your strongest and weakest points?” or “How did you handle a difficult situation at work?” are almost ritualistic. Many businesses continue to use these sorts of questions out of habit. Yet, they usually fail to provide adequate information about a candidate's abilities. Check out this article on Harvard Business Review for more insights.

According to a survey done by Stripe and Harris Poll, the opportunity cost of bad coding is $85 billion per year.

While it may not be immediately apparent, this loss is mostly a recruitment issue. Unplanned hiring, poorly coordinated teams, and employer attitudes toward recruiting are all significant issues. Businesses frequently believe that if they recruit certain people now, even if they are less qualified than necessary, they will sort it out later. The screening process especially the technical interview is key to resolving this problem.

Considering Dynamics recruitment the screening process must have a technical interview. Ensuring that the candidate is well versed in this stage of recruitment will save 1000s of dollars. Because most firms do not have the time to conduct two separate interviews, this interview should ideally include a technical expert and a recruiting manager. To guarantee this is handled properly, you may either engage a technical recruiter or outsource technical recruiting to an agency.

The Bottom Line! - We'll Help You Hire Better

When hiring with Dynamics Recruitment Experts like Live D365, you can realize the human resources plan and achieve quality hiring. You can focus on non-technical assessments like — maturity level, people skills, career objectives — and defer to the technology specialist to analyze the Dynamics 365 areas. Live D365 is exclusively focused on Dynamics 365 hiring, that is all we do 24x7. So, all you got to do is leave the technical to us and score some respect points with your boss by staying ahead of the curve. This may well get you a promotion in exchange for the time and money you save the company. :-)

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