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How to Stay Popular in the Dynamics 365 Developer World?

It's an exciting time to be a Dynamics 365 professional. There are several opportunities to work on large-scale projects with firms looking to digitize their business operations. Projections suggest that by 2025, the digital transformation industry is predicted to rise to $3.3 trillion. (Source: Research and Markets) The epidemic has sparked a boom in the technological industry. This article seeks to address the opportunities available for dynamic professionals and how to make the most of the upcoming 10 years.

To get a piece of this pie, developers need to be able to execute complex projects. This means more than just writing code and customizing it. It's hard to be a popular Dynamics Developer. This typically requires stepping outside your comfort zone. This blog will help you get attention and build solid work connections. It will take some work from you, though.

Authentic Introspection

If you're not popular, you may be uncomfortable with being seen. You may be hesitant to pursue your dreams. When we lack confidence or worry about how others may see us, we can't always act in our own best interests. Ironically, people who are really popular don't worry about "fitting in" because they are satisfied with who they are. Take relief in the fact that being popular does not require outstanding skill.

There are many popular people who are rather unremarkable, and vice versa. So, let go of competitiveness. Be yourself, and we'll talk about how to be your best self and make yourself popular.

Career Path

Have you considered your future? Have you thought about where you want to be in five, 10, or fifteen years in your Dynamics career? What steps will you take to get there?

A goal without a plan is a Wish.

Many individuals spend their careers “going with the flow”. People don't make a conscious effort to steer their career ship in the desired direction. A career requires a Career Plan. Begin where you are now. Note it. We suggest working on this in a different notebook. Begin by indicating which of the three situations best represents you: Junior Programmer

  • Completes Dynamics 365 projects using prior knowledge, skills, and solutions

  • Learning on the job

Good Developer

  • Well-known solutions combined with unique services, functionality, and capabilities

  • Implements new features but needs experience, often makes errors

Outstanding Developer

  • Researches and understands new Dynamics 365 features and services

  • Conceptual validation and practical experience add to theoretical understanding

Now, pen down what you hope to accomplish in the future. What Dynamics 365 role do you want? Popular choices include Consultant, Senior/Lead Developer, or Solution Architect. Imagine yourself in your perfect job. You may want to work remotely or set a specific salary goal. Next, list your steps to get there. What do you believe you'll need to accomplish to get your ideal job?

You can use the SMART Plan technique.

Here is a good online tutorial on how to go about it. Click here. You will find that once you do this exercise, you will have a remarkable clarity like never before. Who knows? Maybe you will get the Microsoft MVP award and credit this article for helping you start your journey.

“No job - No experience - No job” loop

Some say you have limited control over your career path in Dynamics Development. Work is limited to projects or jobs that are available. Also, being on a team/project/role requires experience, which can only be gained by being on the project in the first place. Real-life loops are frustrating.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Our advice is to develop a short bit of code that applies to the job you want. You research, write code, and present it to your team/boss. This will change their perception of you. You are not chosen for a team or project because the decision-makers do not perceive your value.

To convey intent and demonstrate willingness, sharing a sample can help. You'll have shown interest in the work and may now be perceived as valuable. You're IN! Many clients assign a test. You can also request an assignment test. This will exhibit your abilities.


If you have not gotten certified yet, do it NOW, immediately. Read the rest of the blog later. A doctor without a medical degree is just a quack. Just get it.

For those who already possess a certificate, begin the process of obtaining another in an area in which you wish to develop. It will open doors for you, since

86% of hiring managers favor candidates with a Microsoft certification.

Additionally, certification might result in an annual salary increase of "up to $16,000."

Doing Big Projects

One needs to have a firm grasp on 2 things to get bigger and better projects. The Technology and The Attitude.

The Technology

You need to gauge what technologies the Future Dynamics 365 projects will utilize. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Digital transformation, AI, and mobile apps will increase customer value

  • All Microsoft products will be connected

  • Business solutions that do not need coding

  • Microsoft will create supporting services faster and more efficiently

  • Connect to non-Microsoft services for more features

  • Automate and intelligently handle consumer data

  • Automating tiresome operations and improving code stability

This is the future of Dynamics 365 technology. You need to understand this and work on it to get bigger projects.

The Attitude

Focus on building auxiliary and soft skills rather than coding and adaptations. Teamwork and communication are important. Emails, meetings, etc. construct your image. Employability skills can help careers. “Being a team player is a requirement.”

Enhance your team's profile by sharing knowledge and presenting project lessons learned. Your peers can teach you a lot in return. Utilize the team's strengths This is especially true when the number of skills we need to master as Dynamics developers expands. Colleagues can help you learn new things. Software engineers provide high-quality projects while developers produce code. You need to be more than a developer to progress and acquire better projects. Customers and businesses want employees who can solve problems. Add-on skills like gathering requirements, clarifying user stories, etc. can demonstrate to your team and supervisors that you are more than a developer.

Adjust your mindset — from coder to being a Dynamics artist.

The Secret Sauce

Make relationships with recruiters. Most people see recruiters in a negative light. It could be because of past experiences, too many emails, etc. But there is an amazing opportunity here.

Ace up the Sleeve Looking for a job when you are in need of one is like digging a well when you are thirsty. Instead, having a personal relationship with one or two recruiters will benefit you immensely. Recruiters get job offers every day; you could ask the recruiter to look-out for a particular job profile/opportunity that you are interested in. Chances are they will do that, because they want to match JDs to candidates. So, you can keep getting offers till you like one and can make the switch at the appropriate time. It’s better to have an ace up your sleeve. Get more in Current Job In the times when you are not looking for a change of work, it could be of interest if they offer you attractive roles. They will provide you with information to use in your annual assessment regarding your current income. The job offers can be leveraged to get more benefits in the current position.

Personal Touch If you do not want to be bombarded with emails/notifications, let the recruiter know. Have a phone conversation and tell them to send you only relevant notifications personally. They are likely to comply. Build trust with the recruiters and they will always be in your corner. If you think about it, you can keep changing jobs, but having a long-term relationship with a recruiter can ensure you are getting the opportunities you are looking for.

Find Bigger projects This is one of the best ways to get bigger projects. The recruiter will vouch for you if you have rapport. For instance, if you want to start working at $10 more than your rate, you can ask the recruiter to look for such jobs that fit your profile and pay more. You can also keep the recruiter updated with new skills, certifications you acquire or awesome projects you work on.

Recruiters, quite frankly, are your personal Sales Team While you are working on projects, they can keep searching for better jobs for you. They will screen and send you customized job opportunities. It is a win-win arrangement. Building a semi-formal relationship with recruiters could amplify your career beyond your own personal social circle. All you have to do is keep in touch, send a Christmas card. Hence, recruiters could be the best kind of work friend to have. Someone who would assist you in various situations - if you are unemployed, wish to advance in your existing position, or are seeking better opportunities.

Connect with the Community

Popularity is a social phenomenon. Therefore, engaging with people in and around your subject matter will help a great deal. The first step would be to, of course, have social media profiles as well as profiles on portals related to dynamics. For example, blogs, forums, webinars, podcasts, user groups, etc. Engaging with a peer-to-peer online community can help you learn from other Dynamics 365 users. They frequently have extensive and useful open forum discussions where you may get solutions to even the most difficult technical concerns. User groups frequently arrange events and conferences where users may meet in person. So, regardless of your present experience level, you may increase your knowledge base by attending one of these events.

Follow Live D365 for amazing Dynamics 365 related content.

Maintain an up-to-date social media presence and utilize social media to increase your visibility. LinkedIn presence, in particular, is critical. Twitter and Facebook also have decent Dynamics 365 activity. This is important since it will help you attract others with comparable skill sets to network with you. If you participate in and respond to LinkedIn forums and other forums/websites on the internet, people may check your LinkedIn profile to determine your level of expertise and experience.

Do the following activities on social media to enhance visibility:

  1. For Dynamics, Power Apps, and business applications, such as @PowerObjects. It will keep you updated with ease.

  2. Follow hashtags such as # MSDYN365 and # Dynamic365.

  3. Follow relevant people and interact with their posts. There is a chance they will notice if you are regular or say something they relate to. Their journeys may provide insight into how to approach career planning or what actions are required to succeed in a Dynamics 365 World.

  4. Ask for recommendations/reviews on social media profiles, especially LinkedIn.

  5. Tweet/post great Dynamics articles and interesting thoughts about Dynamics things. If you curate carefully and share the same at the right time, people might just look forward to your posts.

  6. Answer Forum questions. Firstly, answer the ones you can. Later, even if you do not know the answer to a question, you can research it and then answer it.

  7. Create your blogs

Keep networking, interact with people you like. Social networking is a great way to connect with the Microsoft Dynamics community and learn about experts in this field. By associating with like-minded individuals, you might be considered one of those people as well. Slowly, building your profile will project you as a subject matter expert.

Summing up

There is no guarantee or formula to become popular. However, being authentic and projecting yourself into the community goes a long way. Be you. You do not have to pretend to be larger than life. Simply amplify who you are, your interests, your ideas, your quirks and follies.

Don’t worry about making mistakes, show growth, build trust. You will surely be loved and liked by people around you. Stay on top of your game, keep growing, people will notice. Make connections in the community, make friends with recruiters. Last but not least, tell people about your career plans. You never know who could help you get there. We wish you the best, hope you have an amazing career. Cheers!

If you wish to find a Dynamics 365 job/project.

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