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The Future of Human Resourcing is Humans!

Automation is not the future; it is here and now. It has already been integrated into our daily lives. If there were any doubts, the pandemic made it explicitly clear. At a moment's notice, we moved our lives in the virtual space.

Social Media became the bedrock of all social interactions. Video calling became the new normal, entertainment spaces are replaced by mobile screens and chat support was replaced by bots. Today, any information we need is a Google search away. New media forever changed the way we interact, engage and keep busy. As a result, we can see the role of humans gradually fading away from many domains.

Perhaps drones will soon be making deliveries for us?

When we talk about recruitment practices, we see automation like advanced search, filters, matching and screening profiles using bots. However, we wonder if it really works? What we have experienced using automated HR tools is that while there is a great deal of interaction, conversions are rare.

“What we observe is a lot of interaction but rare conversions”

How Live D 365 does recruitment!

Technology Led Era of Automation

Markets today are reacting to this lifestyle shift. The cornucopia of mobile apps are automating everything, and other AI based innovations like floor cleaning robots and self-driving cars, are no longer fantasy tropes. Internet enterprises has set in motion a digital transformation of business practices.

“It has sparked a race towards complete automation, continually identifying ways to make business run faster and more efficiently.”

This means workplaces and process will be adopt new technologies that will become par for the course. (Do we even remember a time when we did not use Microsoft Office? 😊) Consumers too across the globe are looking for new methods to interact with businesses. Digitizing these customer interactions and data analytics has ushered the technological-business revolution.

The hoopla about automation may be justified too. After the Industrial-Digital Revolution, it is the next stage in human life. We've all heard stories about IBM robots defeating Grandmasters of Chess and Jeopardy champions. Or when Amazon began using real robots to perform warehousing tasks. Automation has already been assimilated in our daily lives.

In the background algorithms are running the stock market, addressing consumer complaints and even suggesting what news we should be watching. But when it comes to choosing humans for performing humanly tasks like recruitment, can we automate it all?

Bots trying to have fun!

It worries some of us, but it also excites many of us to work toward this future. Automation is here to stay and right now we are using it like a cure-all for our business issues. Is it making humans irrelevant? Are we still needed? Can we automate decision making? Can we identify good talent using technology? What is the future of humans in human resourcing?

Humans will always need Humans

When a discussion about automation or technology breaks out at a social event: you may hear about how the robots will take over the world- Terminator style. The internet is filled with articles discussing every possible outcome in excruciating detail.

What this actually outlines, is that our experience of automation has left us incomplete. Human beings crave to be with each other, we long for “human” experiences. The pandemic proved it beyond doubt. While we may get faster results on mechanical tasks with automation, what we really strive for are meaningful human experiences. Our expectations of automation may need tweaking. We need to consider that all that we are building is for humans, built by humans. Businesses comprise of people who provide a service or product that other people can use. Ergo, it makes perfect sense to make automation fit the needs of human beings. Humans will always be relevant.

“Our technology, our machines, is part of our humanity. We created them to extend ourselves, and that is what is unique about human beings.”
Ray Kurzweil – Tech legend

Every business in the world is run by people and with that comes the complexity of human minds and personalities, attitudes and culture, team functions, aspirations, non-verbal cues, idiosyncrasies, and what not. Therefore, choosing the right people for your business/company can be made easy with some algorithms narrowing the resource pool down, but you need human beings to hire the best human beings.

Tech, responsibly!

The opportunities of technological advancement need to offset the risks. Digital technologies have the potential to create a higher standard of living with less work.

We need to be aware of the skill gaps, inequalities that the technology creates and develop frameworks to ameliorate the negative effects. Projections show that manufacturing, transport, logistics, wholes and retail sectors will see 30-50% job losses by 2037. We could do this by leveraging the benefits of automation to enhance the human experience. Which means improvement in the quality of jobs, upskilling, creating jobs that only humans can do. That’s our approach at Live D365. We are making an inherently subjective process better with the right mix of technology and human beings. That’s why we are choosing Humans for Human Resources.

Businesses have to keep up in order to be relevant in the market. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is an indispensable tool for businesses. We are working to connect the humans who are experts in building amazing products using Dynamics 365 and the companies/businesses that employ their services. Live D365 is a platform that is making hiring for Microsoft professionals uber smooth with our human approach.

The Human Advantage

Tech tools can only take you so far. They are just unable to determine who is the right fit for the organization. Human aspects such as - how we tell our company's story, how we gauge attitudes and competency, how well we understand what is most important to the candidate, the rapport we build will make all the difference in selecting a candidate, etc. Can only be picked up by human experts.

An entire generation of people have become skilled at stuffing their CVs with generic keywords that are popular with automated HR systems, in order to get noticed by software scanning for keywords. At Live D365, we go beyond the standard automated screening of applications and provide the human advantage. Our highly trained consultants curate the most suitable candidates for your company/project to match your requirement to the T. Automation can replace tasks and services, but it cannot replace the need for creative problem solving or the human touch of customer service, both of which are exceedingly important. The human component becomes more and more important in our quest of exponential effectiveness in this age of automation.

Instead of getting inundated with resumes, spending time and effort on sorting, qualifying applications; Make it fast and efficient process with Live D365, because we guarantee 48 hours turnaround. Just put in a request and in 2 days get qualified-verified Microsoft Dynamics 365 resources. You have to admit that’s amazing. People respect a relationship that has developed over time, despite the increasing prevalence of social networks. People prefer to collaborate with people they can trust.

Our consultants take a job description provided by you and drill down to the essential requirements - something that machines and artificial intelligence are still unable to replicate. They also consider project history and validate a profile based unqualifiable variables to find the best match for the project requirement.

To start Hiring Dynamics 365 Experts. Get 2 Free Resumes in 48 hours.

The unquantifiable variables of human beings makes human resources an exciting area of work. Live D365 is a platform by humans for humans.

PS – We could have an AI write blogs for us, but they just don’t get it.

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