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200+ Top-tier Clients from various Industries,

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Live D365 matchmaking

Live D365 is an exclusive community of Microsoft Dynamics experts.

Our best-in-class Microsoft Dynamics Staff augmentation service connects D365 Experts with Microsoft partners & clients seamlessly.

Live D365
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Diverse Project Opportunities

Access a wide range of both long-term and short-term contractual projects that match your expertise, ensuring continuous professional growth and new challenges.

Extensive Network of Leading Clients

Collaborate with over 200+ top-tier clients from various industries, offering you diverse opportunities to expand your experience and professional network.

Comprehensive Skill Enhancement & Career Support

Benefit from our in-depth training services and personalized career guidance, designed to elevate your expertise and help you secure the best job placements in the Microsoft Dynamics field.

Why Live D365?

Our best-in-class Microsoft Dynamics Staff augmentation service connects D365 Experts with Microsoft partners & clients seamlessly.

Access Premier Projects

Join the largest network of Microsoft Dynamics experts and find exclusive project opportunities.

Global Reach, Local Expertise

Benefit from our extensive global network and local market insights to find the perfect projects for you.

Focused Dynamics Recruitment

Experience specialized recruitment dedicated to matching your Microsoft Dynamics expertise with the right projects.

Diverse Roles for Experts

Discover top roles in Dynamics projects that align with your skills and career goals.

How it Works

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Microsoft Technologies

Covering Every Corner, 
Serving All Microsoft Dynamics Technologies

At Live D365, we connect Microsoft Dynamics experts with opportunities across all Dynamics technologies. Whether your expertise lies in Finance, Sales, Customer Service, Business Central, CRM, or Customer Engagement, our platform helps you find projects that match your skills. Join our network of certified professionals and achieve your career goals with top-tier opportunities.

Polish-Speaking Dynamics CRM Expert for Retail

Challenge: A retailer sought a Dynamics CRM expert fluent in Polish, with deep retail industry experience.

Solution: Leveraged our global network to find a perfect match within days.

Outcome: The expert's integration led to a revitalized CRM strategy, boosting customer engagement and sales.

Rapid Deployment for a Manufacturing ERP Upgrade

Challenge: A manufacturing firm needed urgent Dynamics AX expertise for an ERP upgrade.

Solution: Identified and deployed an industry veteran who was a perfect technical and cultural fit.

Outcome: The project was completed ahead of schedule, improving production efficiency and data accuracy

Custom Dynamics 365 Solution for a Healthcare Provider

Challenge: A healthcare provider required a bespoke Dynamics 365 solution to manage patient data securely.

Solution: Assembled a team of Dynamics 365 and healthcare IT experts who developed a tailored solution.

Outcome: Enhanced patient data management and compliance with health regulations, significantly reducing operational risks.

What Our Clients Say

Thanks to Live D365, I've grown my network, portfolio, and career success. A must for anyone in the Dynamics field!​

Live D365 is my go-to platform for finding meaningful work. Highly effective and efficient!

Live D365 isn't just about jobs, it's about building relationships. The support and guidance I've received have been invaluable on my career journey.

I was skeptical at first, but Live D365 exceeded my expectations. It has become so easy for me to look to projects now.


  • To join Live D365, simply create a profile on our platform, showcasing your skills and expertise in Microsoft Dynamics. Once your profile is complete, you can start exploring and applying for various project opportunities that match your qualifications.

  • Live D365 offers a wide range of projects across all Microsoft Dynamics technologies, including Finance, Sales, Customer Service, Business Central, CRM, and Customer Engagement. Projects vary in length and scope, from remote short-term contracts to remote long-term engagements, ensuring you can find opportunities that fit your career goals.

  • Live D365 supports your career growth by providing access to exclusive projects, and personalized career guidance. Our platform connects you with top clients, helping you expand your professional network and secure the best job placements in the Microsoft Dynamics field.

  • Yes, Live D365 offers flexible working arrangements including remote work options. We understand the importance of work-life balance and strive to provide opportunities that suit your lifestyle and preferences. 

  • By joining Live D365, you gain access to premier Dynamics 365 opportunities, competitive compensation, flexible working arrangements, continuous professional development, and a supportive community of experts. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals.

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